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The joy of being a Nomad!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Being a Nomadic Creative creates an extremely exciting working lifestyle. You can be anywhere in the world doing the thing that you love the most with the people you love most and this was never more evident than our last weekend away (October 21-22nd 2017).

My husband, who is a videographer, and myself, a freelance writer, both headed to London to see our dear friends, who are newly engaged and were celebrating a work anniversary together. So, we packed up our stuff and our cocker spaniel Bramble and headed down there to party with them.

As we were both in London at the same time, it made sense for us to both do a bit of work whilst we were there when the opportunity presented itself to Tom. As we were packing up our bags on the Friday morning, Tom received a last-minute call asking him to film a bridal event being hosted by Condé Nast on the Sunday so I arranged to meet one of my clients to discuss a story anthology I have been working on for him for some weeks now.

My meeting was in Paddington, very near Hyde Park, which meant that I had the pleasure of walking Bramble around the park beforehand so that I could thoroughly tire her out. Well planned so that I could have some peace and quiet for my meeting with my client!

After my very successful meeting I gave Tom a call to see how his filming was going. I discovered that the shoot was probably going to take a little longer than expected but because I was a good hour plus away from where Tom was filming I could kill some time by exploring London with our beloved pooch, taking some selfies at particularly interesting London landmarks along the way.

We visited Trafalgar Square.

Then the Houses of Parliament and the Millenium Eye.

Before finishing at the Royal National Theatre, where we waited patiently for Tom to get back from his film shoot. They have a brilliant dog friendly café/restaurant called The Green Room so Bramble and I were able to snuggle up with a book and a hot chocolate whilst Tom wrapped up his shoot.

We had a great time in there with Bramble receiving a lot of attention for being so well behaved and we even did some celeb-spotting in there too as the actors from the theatre were stopping by for a quick pint!

All in all, it was an extremely successful weekend away for Nomadic UK's team.

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