Cheltenham-based Video Production Company, Nomadic UK turns 6!

Read on to see how you can win a bottle of bubbly and a branded water bottle/coffee mug! 🍾

This week sees Nomadic UK celebrating its 6th anniversary! A lot has happened in the last 6 years. From the early days when it was just Amy and Tom (and Bramble the office dog too of course), Nomadic Creatives has grown from strength to strength. We’re now Nomadic UK after a sleek streamlining rebrand of the business at the end of 2022 and we’re also now a busy, bustling team of 5! So this week’s blog is a celebration of the last 6 years of work, fun and film shoots.

6 year anniversary animation

To begin, here are 6 key Nomadic stats from the last 6 years that we think should be shouted about:

1 ⭐ Over 100,000,000 impressions across multiple platforms

2 ⭐ Over 69,000 miles travelled for shoots (The world’s circumference is 25,000 miles approx., so that’s equivalent to going around the world nearly 3 times!)

3 ⭐ Over 2,000 videos/ads created for our 200+ clients

4 ⭐ 400+ filming days and countless edit days!

5 ⭐ Composed our own music for a project and even a rap song 😱 (Thanks to our musical maestro Crispin!)

6 ⭐ 5 Full-time Nomads, with a wider crew network of over 50

Nomadic UK travel the world filming exciting, dynamic video content.

Over the years, we’ve been everywhere on our shoots. We’ve filmed in barns, on private yachts, in cars and vans, multiple beaches across the world, private planes, private islands, 5* luxury hotels, building sites, manor houses and in the O2 Arena. Before the pandemic and after, Nomadic have strived to deliver the highest quality video content to every client with whom we have worked. Whether small or big, Nomadic have relished each individual challenge as a creative opportunity to tell stories in a cinematic, engaging manner.

Our journey to becoming Gloucestershire’s most exciting video production company.

Key moments in Nomadic’s history definitely hinge around the growth of the company. With our first official staff member, Crispin, joining us in 2021, Nomadic have been able to constantly increase their offering, so when Vlada and Kristen joined us in 2022, we were able to elevate our services even more. Vlada brings a wealth of animating experience and expertise to Nomadic after working as a VFX Editor in the music industry and Kristen is equally talented, being an experienced video producer/editor, as well as a certified drone pilot!

From our earliest days, we’ve always been determined to create exciting, cinematic content and have passionately loved following stories. This dedication to creating the highest quality video content has brought in some incredible headline clients. Nomadic UK now has an impressive roster of big names on our books for whom we create regular video content. In no particular order of preference (!), we are both delighted and proud to be working with: A-Plan, Derwent Art, The O2, Spotify, Sainsbury’s, FurnitureVillage, University of Gloucestershire, Renishaw, SGP and IAB UK.

Our dedication to creating the best video content with the highest level of customer service is what made Nomadic UK’s journey a success despite our humble origins. When we first started, our kit list was just a tad modest. When we initially started shooting, all we had was a small mirrorless Panasonic camera.

Now we film with Sony Cinema cameras and frequently invest in our arsenal of film equipment, to the point that we regularly rent our equipment to other production companies and agencies. With such a big arsenal of film, lighting and sound equipment to hand, the quality of our filming and lighting has increased significantly, especially with Crispin on the team to create cinematic, flattering light.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve moved offices 5 times, with the first one having been Tom and Amy’s spare room. If you haven’t been into meet us friendly Nomads in our office yet, then we’d be delighted to welcome you in for a coffee and chat where you’ll be able to see our work and fantastic array of kit for yourself.

We’ve got BIG plans for 2023 (our sixth year)!

We’ve recently upgraded our company van (see below), so to celebrate our 6th anniversary, we’ve decided to let you lovely lot name our new van and to the winning suggestion, we’re giving away a free bottle of bubbles! Some internal suggestions are VAessa, Vanny McVanFace and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Comment on the post with your suggestion.

Get in touch to speak to Nomadic UK about your next filming project.

Call producer Amy on 07806306802 or email us on Check out our latest LinkedIn post to see what we are working on this week.


See you later alligators! Love The Nomads x


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