You might have spotted some changes on our website and social media platforms recently. We have been so excited to unveil our new branding and officially launch our rebranded site.

And it’s not just the look of our website that has changed. We have even simplified our company name. Nomadic Creatives is now officially NOMADIC.

Aside from ‘Nomadic Creatives’ being somewhat of a mouthful, the double C in the middle of ‘NomadiC Creatives’ used to cause some emailing issues from time to time with people sending emails to Tom/Amy@nomadicreatives, only putting in one ‘c’ instead of 2. Hopefully, with us now being Nomadic this will mean that communicating with us will be a little simpler, and referring to us will be too!

We had already noticed that we were referred to as simply Nomadic or the Nomads, so dropping the ‘Creatives’ from our company only gave us pause for thought in terms of prospective clients finding us online.


In 2022, Nomadic has grown exponentially. At the start of 2021, Nomadic Creatives (as was) was just Amy and Tom. But today we are a busy, lively team of 5 highly creative individuals and we’re handling increasingly more exciting jobs. We now have an in-house animator and VFX designer in the shape of Ukrainian Vlada and a drone operating, video-editing and all round multi-skilled producer in the form of US-born Kristen. Musically talented Crispin was our first official employee in September 2021 and he has been elevating our business offering from day one by composing music and even writing raps, in addition to his actual job of being an A-star videographer, not to mention being a lighting whizz on sets!

All of this growth has made us want to elevate the business even further by officially making us a company rather than just a group of creative people working together, hence the desire for a rebrand.

Colorama on set at a Nomadic UK video production studio shoot

Presenting … The NEW company logo!

Our rebrand has been months in the making with Kristen, Tom and Amy working on the strategy with a brand strategist. They’ve created brand guidelines, looked at Nomadic’s position in the market, company vision, company mission statement and brand pillars, a brand colour palette, brand tone of voice, a brand lexicon, a brand typography in addition to creating the sleek new logo and monogram.

The rebrand has seen Nomadic modernise and simplify their look so that our work has the space to speak for itself. It’s also more in line with the type of clients we want to work with more.

We are still true to the initial vision Tom and Amy had when they formed the business: “We exist to create original, unique and thought-provoking media that stands out and cuts through the noise”.

We are a tight-knit team of visual creatives. Our work is adventurous, captivating and bold.


Get in touch to arrange Nomadic UK capturing your next event on film.

Email us at or call us on 01242 373942 to speak to us now.

And don’t forget to check out our latest LinkedIn post to see where we are and what we are working on this week!


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