We had the privilege of filming IAB UK’s Podcast Upfronts 2022 again last year. Like many of our clients, we pride ourselves on a longstanding relationship and our working partnership with IAB UK goes back to 2016. We have adapted over the years and in 2020 and 2021 this evolved into a live stream. 2022’s was one of the best years and we are buzzing to come back to IAB UK for their next event this May, IAB Engage.

(From left to right: Martin, Tom, Kristen and Joshua)


In the lead-up to the event, we were also asked to put together an Event Opener. As part of this, we were sent a selection of in-game footage from each event sponsor, which we edited into a high-energy intro montage. Additionally, we spiced it up with some stock footage and animation for extra visual interest. It was played at the very start of the Gaming Upfronts on the big screen to get all the guests hyped for the rest of the event and did a great job of setting the scene for everything to come.

Filming Day 1 – IAB UK Gaming Upfronts

We arrived at Steel Yard, London, with a small team to film IAB UK’s yearly event. Steel Yard is a really cool nightclub location right in the centre of London, which IAB UK took over and transformed into the most epic location for a 2 day long conference! It’s also in a fab location in the centre of London, so you’re surrounded by historic London landmarks like The Shard and Tower Bridge.

Official Nomads working the event were our MD and videographer Tom Cribbin and producer Kristen Muñoz. They were joined by honorary Nomads, Martin Davis and Joshua Donaldson, who were filming, mixing the stage talks and capturing the B-Roll and manning one of the stage cameras, respectively.

As in previous years, Nomadic UK were there to capture all the stage talks and create a dynamic, engaging wrap video of the event. 2022’s event was just as star-studded as previous years. This year’s speakers included comedian Katherine Ryan, Love Island winner Amber Rose Gill, and hosts of ‘The News Agents’ Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall. The 2-day event was divided into two themed days. Day 1 was Gaming Upfronts and Day 2 was Podcast Upfronts.

The Gaming Upfronts Day was great fun with a state-of-the-art, luxe gaming rig for you to try out, courtesy of Anzu.

Some of the biggest names in the gaming industry graced the event: ActiVision, Twitch, Bidstack, Frameplay and Anzu for engaging conversations and networking opportunities. The day wrapped with networking around a free bar, courtesy of IAB UK.

Filming Day 2- IAB UK’s Podcast Upfronts

Due to the amazing talks, celebrity guests, at an incredible night cub location with an impressive sound system, everyone agreed that it was fantastic to be back at another IAB Upfronts event, especially after everything was moved online during the pandemic.

Since then we’ve already filmed two more IAB UK events, Debrief in November and Leadership Summit in March. We’re already looking forward to filming our next IAB event having worked with them regularly since 2017. We hope you enjoyed watching the wrap video as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Ciao for now! Love The Nomads x


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