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The videos we made for luxurious boutique hotel The Nici in Bournemouth started a long time ago. The relationship with our client actually began years prior when we worked with the client to create a brand new website with videos and photos for his private charter yacht. On that fun project, videographer Tom Cribbin jetted out to Palma, Majorca to film a stunning yacht which involved flying a drone and side by side it as it cut through gently lapping waves that broke on it’s immaculate hull. We captured the yacht in all its glory and created the website content, so that the client could advertise it for private charter trips.

After that video project of a lifetime, we filmed more and more of their properties, which include hotels and stately homes. The latest of which is The Nici. When we heard about this latest project, we couldn’t wait to set off down to sunny Bournemouth to capture the stunning art deco-inspired hotel.

The brief was to capture video content and photographs of all of the hotel’s offerings, including the restaurant, bar, rooms, parties and events delivering a comprehensive library of content of everything that The Nici has to offer.

The opulent hotel caters for every possible holiday need, from activities for children in their Children’s Club and Children’s Playroom to free Sunday morning yoga in the Ocean room. Alongside their fantastic beachside location, treatment rooms and upbeat bar and restaurant, the five star hotel was a delight to capture on film.

When working with a video production team it is important in your briefing calls/meetings that you make it clear what the expectations are of the film shoot. With a place as big as The Nici, it was vital that the film team had a clear shot list so that no parts of the hotel were missed out. They also had a thorough filming plan to keep them on track throughout the shoot. We also recommend storyboards when filming models, actors or products. This not only helps on the film shoot but also helps the video editor when they are piecing together the footage and can save them an enormous amount of time.

Now let’s hear from Crispin and Tom about their experience of filming at The Nici.

Crispin – Gaffer and Editor

The Nici being so vibrant after recently undergoing refurbishment, it was important to capture the environment as it feels when you are there. It’s such a grand and beautiful place, we had to make sure the lighting and whole mood fitted that vibe. As ever lighting was a big consideration on this shoot. We used a mixture of cool and warm lighting to boost the ambience as well as replicating sunlight when it was overcast to make the video feel like it was actually shot in Miami. Being aware of the whole production process, from shooting to edit, when we were filming I could already tell which of the shots were going to make the final edit. Colour grading these projects is always a joy, as there is so much vibrancy to pull out. It’s just important to have a consistent, high key, clean grade. This is to ensure that we deliver a video that shows off the hotel in all its glory.

Tom – Videographer and Director

As a videographer and director on this shoot, I was in charge of the overall look of the photos and video. Having spent time working in Miami myself on various filming projects, I immediately saw the intention of the design aspects of the hotel. Focusing on the video side, to best capture interesting and captivating video we used a mixture of camera techniques, from close ups of fine details, wide landscape drone shots to smooth cinematic walk throughs of the spaces and rooms. It was critical to use a variety of filming techniques for each scenario. We had the luxury of several visits for this shoot and this allowed us to focus on different parts at a time. As we were able to capture a huge library of footage meaning we delivered multiple videos for social media and various pages on the website such as the Homepage (an overview of the whole hotel), Rooms (showing a selection of rooms you can stay in) and Events and Weddings. You can see this collection of videos and photos here on THE NICI’s website –

Mikayla, our client at The Nici, said:

These guys are AMAZING! Cannot recommend enough. The photos/videos they created for our hotel launch was absolutely fantastic. The communication was excellent as well – they definitely understood the assignment and were also super open to suggestions and welcomed feedback on their work, making it really easy to collaborate with them. I know we will be having them back again and I can’t wait to see what else they do for our hotel!

Our take home was how great Nespresso machines are! Guests have their own Nespresso machine in their rooms and we were so impressed with it that we ended up getting one for our office!

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