It’s not long been Chinese New Year (it was on Sunday 22nd Jan if you were keeping track) and it’s officially now the Year of The Rabbit, which “symbolizes longevity, positivity, auspiciousness, wittiness, cautiousness, cleverness, deftness and self-protection“. We’re going to take the Rabbit’s positive energy with us as 2023 unfolds and as we have re-branded from Nomadic Creatives to Nomadic UK, for us this is really the Year of the Nomad and this is why.

With travelling restrictions now being fully lifted since the Covid pandemic, we can all now jet around the world once more! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, everyone is delighted to be able to travel freely again and us Nomads are no exception.

There’s a good reason we’re called Nomadic and that we call ourselves the ‘nomads’.

nomad noun

a member of a people that travels from place to place to find fresh pasture for its animals and has no permanent home (

Whilst we might not be searching for fresh pasture for our animals (Bramble prefers a chewy shoe), the origins of our company are rooted in our love of travel. Founding members, Tom and Amy have always had itchy feet and love nothing more than slinging some clothes and a toothbrush in a bag and jumping on a flight to somewhere new and exciting! And today our team is comprised of a diverse group of people. We have Irish, American, Ukrainian and British passports coming with us on a work trip to the airport. Working in new places, meeting new people and hearing their stories and about what makes them tick is what puts a spring in our step.

So, why are we called NOMADIC?

The origins of our company name lie in a shoot Tom was on in Miami, Florida. Tom was on set filming a documentary there when it dawned on him that film production crew live a very nomadic lifestyle. The joy of this industry is that we are lucky to travel all over the place filming in some truly remarkable locations, from filming professional artists in the Cotswold Hills, private islands in Pembrokeshire, aboard a private charter yacht in Palma, wind farms in the Highlands, documentary content in London, Miami and Serbia, capturing the buzz at Cannes Lions Festival. We have had a fantastic time seeing the world and capturing it on camera in dynamic footage that our clients can repurpose across all of their social media platforms.

Whether we are filming in a studio, at our very own stylish Nomadic HQ, in London, on farms, at the O2 Arena and we’re often staying in hotels, we always live and breathe the current project making sure that each project cuts through the digital noise, driving engagement and delivering real results.

We’re well equipped to handle international projects and would love to jet around the world capturing your next international video project.

Get in touch to arrange Nomadic UK capturing your next event on film.

Email us at or call us on 01242 373942 to speak to us now.

And don’t forget to check out our latest LinkedIn post to see where we are and what we are working on this week!


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