Hello, everyone! As we journey through 2024, let’s focus on the latest video trends that are making waves in the world of marketing this year. We’re here to provide clear and straightforward insights, so join us as we delve into the top 5 video trends for 2024. Embracing these will revolutionise your brand by throwing so much traffic your way, you won’t know how to keep up!

1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Videos

Okay, picture this: You put on some fancy glasses, and suddenly, you’re in a different world. That’s what Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) do. They take you to amazing places without leaving your couch, although some bonkers people have been donning Apple’s new VR headset whilst driving their Tesla! We don’t recommend doing anything as reckless as that of course. However, Brands are using VR and AR to show their stuff in a whole new way. Think trying on virtual clothes or taking a sneak peek at a hotel room before booking. It’s like magic!

2. Short Videos and TikTok

Attention spans are short in 2024! Platforms like TikTok are where it’s at as they’re all about short and snappy videos, 15 to 60 seconds max. Brands are getting creative on TikTok, making fun videos that show off their products or teach you something cool. Short videos are a quick way to grab your attention and keep you entertained, so making content for TikTok is a must if you want your boost your brand’s awareness. Nomadic UK make vertical content for TikTok all the time and even very traditional corporate companies that wouldn’t have dreamed of creating a TikTok platform a few years ago are now posting on there all the time! It’s a great way to engage with a brand new audience, especially a younger demographic. We have made a whole suite of video assets for Derwent over the years but our short snappy videos for their TikTok page were some of our favourite Derwent videos;to work on because they enabled us to get really creative with their products:

Before & After: We have seen a significant improvement in our colour grading results after moving from Final Cut Pro X (above) to DaVinci Resolve (below).

3. Live Shopping Streams

Ever wished you could shop from your sofa while watching a live show? Well, in 2024, you can! Brands are doing live shopping events where they show off their products and even offer special deals. It’s like a virtual shopping party, and you’re the guest of honour. Fashion, gadgets, makeup—you name it, they’re selling it live. This is a fantastic way of creating a great buzz about your products and you can engage with an even wider audience than a live event as people across the globe can tune in. Clinique has experienced massive success on TikTok making live shopping well worth investigating.

4. Personalized and Interactive Videos

You know when you get an email that says “Hi [Your Name]”? That’s just the start. Brands are now making videos just for you, using info they know about you. It’s like they’re talking directly to you! For example, an online bookstore might send you a video recommending books based on what you like to read. And some videos even let you interact with them, like picking different workouts in a fitness app. It’s all about making you feel special. This will no doubt revolutionise the retail sector.

5. Videos with a Purpose

Here’s the big one: Brands are going green and being nice to the world. They’re using videos to show how they’re helping the environment or doing good things for people. Think of it as brands with a heart. You might see a video about a clothing company using eco-friendly materials or a food company sharing how they’re reducing waste. It’s all about making the world a better place.

Nomadic UK filming in a field for UnDo Carbon

Right before Christmas 2023, we created some content for UnDO Carbon about their recent partnership with MacLaren. UnDO Carbon are such an exciting company to work for because they are taking direct action to create a greener future. We were proud to help them document their alliance with MacLaren.

So, there you have it! Those are the top 5 video trends of 2024 for brands looking to get more from their content. Don’t mess around with your videos. We’re hear it all the time “Anyone can point and shoot” but making content with impact… well, that’s something else.

Whether it’s the awesome world of VR and AR, the snappy fun of short videos, the excitement of live shopping, the personalised touch of videos made just for you, or the feel-good vibe of brands with a purpose—videos are making marketing more exciting than ever.

Videos are your secret weapon, and with these trends in your pocket, you’ll make content with IMPACT.

To speak to Nomadic UK, about your video content needs, call us on 01242 373942 or email us at: hello@nomadic.uk


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