With so much content at our finger tips, it can sometimes be overwhelming and we can often end up feeling overstimulated. We all know that endless scrolling before bed is not conducive to a good night’s sleep but we do it anyway! Despite all the negatives of online content and social media platforms, the facts remain that they are a great space for all sorts of reasons. Social media platforms have the power to unite communities, connect families across thousands of miles and even help people find love!

For companies, brands and agencies, social media platforms are vital for ensuring that their products and services are reaching new audiences or even existing customers. As a business, you might want to post videos on social media platforms for very different reasons. We discussed this in our recent blog ‘Our Top Video Production Tips for Beginners‘, which you may have seen. In that blog we explain why it is an essential part of the pre-production planning stage that you clarify at the outset exactly what your video(s) is attempting to achieve.

If your video is an advert or a commercial, it will have to do 1 thing very well, and that’s tell the customer why they need your service or product, and how it can solve their problem, or make their life better. If they are interested, but not 100% sure on buying just yet, that’s when a Testimonial style film can help close the sale. If they already have your product, but need educating, that’s when an educational video explaining how your product or service works steps to the fore. This will give them get a better user experience and will help you get more sales by having more customers recommending you.

After you’ve decided on that, then you can move on to HOW you do that and that’s where 2023’s top video trends come in.

  1. Vertical Videos

TikTok is leading the way in its position as a social media platform pushing the need for vertical videos. But it’s not the only platform out there using vertical videos: Instagram reels and YouTube shorts all use vertical videos meaning that being present on those platforms is easier than you think as you can use the same video (or at least a version of the same video) across all three sites. The majority of people using social media are using it on their phones.

Check out our vertical videos for Grohanger here.

2. Live Videos

Everyone has seen a live video at some point. They are a fantastic way of reaching out to your customers and clients in a very personal, intimate way as they are connecting with you directly establishing a very authentic impression of you. This is great because it means you don’t need to worry about being perfect with your delivery! Live videos also give them the opportunity to see exactly what you’re doing and how or why you are doing it like that. This might be very useful if you need to demonstrate how to use a product. Or alternatively your customers/clients can use the live video to ask you questions about your work/a product. Another benefit to using live videos is that you can show your customers/clients a product or service journey as well as hosting events in a live video. You could invite guests to speak on a topic related to your industry or about your product and even run competitions. All in all, live videos are a great way to boost your engagement.

3. Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Nomadic UK post a LOT of BTS videos! And there’s a good reason for that. People love getting a sneak pic of what you’re up to, seeing what it takes to do what you do and it gives you the opportunity to show people what challenges face your business and it’s a great way of telling your brand story too! “Consumers love authenticity, and showing your audience the people and process behind the brand can make your brand more approachable, friendly, and appealing” (https://www.benchmarkemail.com/blog/5-video-marketing-trends-for-2023-and-how-small-businesses-can-use-them/).

4. Search-Optimised Videos

How can a video be search-optimised? The answer to that is simpler than you might think. This is all about the work you put in when you are uploading your video to whichever platform you are using. When you are doing that, you can enter keywords to describe your video in the title, description and tags, which will then help it to be found online if someone is searching for related terms. To make sure you are making the most of Search-Optimising your videos, you should also add a transcript of the video and use strong calls to action. Adding animated text is something we get a lot of call for because so many people watch content silently. In fact, 85% of Facebook and Instagram videos are watched with the sound off! Which is another reason why having transcripts for your videos is so important.

5. Educational Videos

Here at Nomadic UK, we love filming educational videos! We’ve made A LOT of them in our time, so we know the best way to showcase how to use a product so that customers know how to get the best from it. We work closely with Derwent Art creating vibrant, yet informative videos showing how professionals and hobbyists alike how to make the most of their products. Educational videos are great to produce as you can be extremely organised about the shoot, so that few surprises are in store for you come the filming day. You can create a succinct, yet thorough script, plan out the look of the video with a clear storyboard, plan camera angles and even pre-empt questions that you foresee your customers/clients asking you well in advance.

Check out one of the many educational videos we’ve made for Derwent Art.

If all this has inspired you, explore our social media pages to see how we’re using 2023’s top video trends!

Just don’t forget the old adage about best laid plans!

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