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That's a wrap on 2022! What a year it's been!

Our latest social post is us giving ourselves a huge pat on the back as 2022 has been quite the year for Nomadic! Check it out now to see a little snapshot of what we’ve been up to 🎬

The final few days of the year are always a great time to stop and reflect on everything that you have accomplished over the previous twelve months. From achievements to challenges, it's valuable to contemplate all of the events that have been key to your life to see the journey you are on and work out what your next steps should be. 2022 has been quite the adventure for Nomadic with a lot being accomplished and lots of brilliant firsts!


INSIDER FUN FACT: Nomadic founders, Amy and Tom have evaluated the previous year and penned their plans for the year to come together every year for a decade now. They're huge fans of dream boards and on manifesting what you want to achieve in life.


So, what did 2022 have in stock for the Nomads? When Tom and Amy sat down to write their Nomadic dreamboards for the year ahead at Christmas / NY 2021, their goals were:

☑️ expand the company

☑️ grow the business

☑️ hire a producer

☑️ constant elevation of our services

☑️ keep pushing the quality of our work up, up, UP

We manifested a new producer in the shape of lovely Kristen and have certainly expanded the company. We also manifested one of the busiest years for the company ever! As well as constantly raising our standards and our offering to our clients. Here are some key Nomadic numbers from this year:

⭐ Over 100,000 impressions across multiple platforms

⭐ 215+ videos/ads created for clients

⭐ 65+ filming days and countless edit days!

⭐ Several large pitches for network TV

⭐ 5 Full-time Nomads, with a wider crew network of over 50

⭐ 2 Awards won at the Drum for a Top Gear- style challenge-led campaign

The biggest change for Nomadic has got to be the growth of the company as 2022 saw Nomadic go from Amy, Tom and Crispin to a company of 5 with Vlada and Kristen joining the company in the summer. It also saw:

🟣 Amy come back from maternity leave.

🟣 Establishing our new animation offering (Thanks for joining us Vlada!).

🟣 Several great team outings and days out.

🟣 Travelling thousands of miles.

🟣 Numerous nights in boutique hotels and luxury caravans.

🟣 Exciting collaborations with stop motion company SAND Visuals.

🟣 We've made some new friends in the form of new clients, Cove Communities, Renishaw, GroHanger, SGP, Pip and Jim's Church in Cheltenham and Ecliptic Dynamics and worked with old friends like ClearB2B, IABUK, Derwent, Avington Park, the NICI in Bournemouth and Destination.

🟣 And ... we've rebranded! 🥳

We’ve had so much fun doing it all! And we’re all so excited to see what 2023 has in store for us.

Get it touch to find out how we can help you get 2023 off to a great start with your next video project! 🎉

Check out Instagram to see what we are working on this week.

NB- Nomadic will be closed for the holidays from 1pm on 23rd December 2022 to 3rd January 2023.

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