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Nomadic's Christmas Party 2022

With Nomadic now being a company of 5, our Christmas party suddenly became a whole lot more exciting!

You may have seen our Christmas Party video already but if not, then check it out now at the bottom of the page to see a little snapshot of the fun stuff we got up to! Read on to find out more about the Nomads' exciting Christmas day out.


As with previous team building days out, the activity at the heart of Nomadic's Christmas do 2022 was put to a vote. We're a very democratic corporation! The votes were unanimous; Nomadic would be heading to Harts Barn Craft Centre in Longhope, The Forest of Dean to complete a cookery workshop. After that, the decision became, what to cook? We asked Harts Barn what they would recommend us to all cook together and they recommended Sri Lankan as a fun and unusual cuisine.


INSIDER FUN FACT: Sri Lankan restaurant The Coconut Tree is one of Tom's favourite restaurants.


Harts Barn recommended the Sri Lankan cookery course as something that could be easily adjusted to suit all of our dietary requirements.

So on a frosty morning on Friday 2nd December we all met up at Harts Barn Craft Centre, which was looming out of a wintry mist amid it's beautifully landscaped grounds. The local sheep stood on the hills surrounding us bleating their approval as we got out of our cars and walked up to the cookery school. We were met by Harts Barn's head chef Joe Parke who had, just moments before, been elbow deep in Christmas pudding batter.

Replenished and fortified by coffees, the Nomads were then presented with their recipes and ingredients. The frivolities commenced with a blind spice quiz, before we each proceeded to pulverise the spices into a fine powder in individual pestle and mortars.

From there we divided the recipes between us and began to prepare the Sri Lankan meal that would be our lunch that day. We had a coconut sambal, parsley and spring onion rotis, a pumpkin curry, chicken curry, a chutney and 6 egg hoppers to produce, or we would be leaving very hungry!

A Nomadic Hopper in all its glory

With the dishes duly allocated, we got cracking. First on the agenda was the dough for our rotis, which needed to rest whilst we made the rest of the dishes. Then we all cracked on with our individual dishes. Tom and Amy tackled the two curries and Crispin, Vlada and Kristen taking on the sambal and chutney. We then all cooked our rotis and made the hoppers before siting down to enjoy the meal together as a team. By the time we had eaten, it was nearly 3pm.

Leaving Harts Barn, we then headed joyfully to Deya, next to Cheltenham Spa train station, after a quick stop at the office to tidy ourselves up after spending all morning cooking.

Over our first drink, we played a few rounds of Heads Up to get us in the party mood, we soon let our hair down and were quickly joined by freelancers with whom we have worked closely over the last year. By a bizarre coincidence, the guest food van at Deya on 2nd December was Sri-Licious, a street food van "inspired by the flavours of Sri Lanka", which was a great end to the day!

We have all agreed that 2022 has been the best year yet to be a Nomad, so thank you to everyone who has helped to make it such a fantastic year. We couldn't have done it without you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


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