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A Different Type of Love Story

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

In last week's blog I was interviewed by our creative writer Amy Holley-Cribbin, so in this week's blog we're flipping roles with me interviewing Amy about her blog writing in 2017!

(Amy pictured above)

So Amy, what happened for you in 2017?

"I spent 2017 helping companies to raise their profiles by publishing regular blogs. One of my favourite clients is a wedding dress designer in London."

What else did you do last year?

"In 2017 I handled a wide variety of subjects as well as writing content for a huge range of clients. I also had to do a lot of research as I was often handling brand new subjects that I had no previous experience of. One of the most unusual jobs was writing about how septic tanks work and which ones you should buy."

What's been one of your most enjoyable projects?

"My longest standing client is a very well-known wedding dress designer in London. I love writing for this company as the owner is very sociable, friendly, enthusiastic and engaging and this really comes across in my briefs from her. When I started working for her, it was seven months before my own wedding so it gave me a lot of inspiration for writing content because of my own very personal experience as a stressed-out bride to be!"

Tell me about some of these blogs for the wedding dress designer. What did you blog about? How has it helped her company grow?

"In my monthly blogs for this client, I looked at everything from wedding shoes, Winter Weddings, bridal hair styles to knowing which silhouette wedding dress suits your body shape. This wedding dress designer is a recent graduate from Denmark, and in the last year since I have been writing for her, her company has grown to the point where she is taking on very high profile clients due to the increased awareness of her brands."

What are you working on for this wedding dress designer at the moment?

"My client had the brilliant idea of creating a 'Day in the Life Of' blog showing what she does every day in her London studio, from starting at 9am to finishing very late in the evening. This is one of the sorts of job I like the most as it involves being a true Nomadic Creative as I will be visiting her studio to observe her doing what she loves; buying fabric, meeting clients, sketching incredible dress designs and creating her spectacular wedding dresses."

Weekly and monthly blogs can have a huge impact on your online presence as well as your ranking on Google. Get in touch today and speak to Amy if you you want to see your online presence grow.

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